You never could have imagined the ways that motherhood would test you, but you’ve learned what’s really important to you and what just doesn’t matter that much.

It can be hard to live that way each moment. But you strive to.

You find yourself wishing there was some kind of guidebook so you’d know that you’re making the right choices, that you’re living in alignment with the kind of mom you know you want to be.

That’s where your Mama Mantra comes in.

It’s the guiding light you always wished you had, distilled into a handful of sentences. It’s your compass when the days are trying and the nights are long.

And the beauty is-- it’s created with your own wisdom.

When I craft your Mama Mantra, I take your words-- what you want out of motherhood, what’s important to you, the values you want to embody and value for your kids-- and turn them into a collection of sentences or a few short paragraphs that you can use as your own personal mantra in motherhood.

Hang it on your walls.

Repeat your mantra in your head during a tough day.

Write a word on the back of your hand.

Stay aligned with what you know to be true, even when motherhood gets tough.

Here’s how the Mama Mantra process works:

  1. You’ll complete the Mama Mantra questionnaire

  2. I craft a Mama Mantra just for you

  3. You get a chance to review + make tweaks so it feels juuuust right

  4. I send you a final version + you start living life by the light you helped create

Ready to create your Mama Mantra? Hooray! Let’s do it. Start the questionnaire now >

(you’ll need about 30 minutes to thoughtfully complete the questions)