The feeling of needing to do it all is suffocating.

But doing it all? It’s a myth.

Here’s what you actually need to do: Find out what lights you up. Do those things. Leave “it all” behind.

So here’s what I do:

Create clear, smart content small business owners and solopreneurs

I apply my background in small business marketing strategy, my degrees in English & Communications and years of honing my writing skills to help you tell your story in a way that sounds like you, is meaningful to your audience and supports your business goals.

Oh, and I especially love working with mompreneurs.

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Lead workshops and create content for moms who want to live a freakin’ lit up life.

I’m a seeker. I want meaning and purpose. I want a vibrant life. And I felt stifled by motherhood. I wanted so badly to be an amazing mother AND I really wanted something more than that. So I set out on a journey to create a different way for myself. And once I did, I realized how much we all need this. We all need to light it up. So I take all the lessons I learned, from some of the world’s greatest teachers and from my own bumpy journey, and create a little gold for other mamas to learn from.

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And here's how I got here:

For ten years, I wrote copy + developed marketing strategies for clients from Fortune 500 companies to small mom & pop businesses. It was a good career, and I loved spending my days writing & strategizing, but it never felt quite right, like a shoe that was just a bit too small.

Then I gave birth to my daughter and everything changed.

Becoming a mom was not an easy transition for me. I struggled through the first eight weeks of my daughter’s life like a bear that was woken from hibernation too early and was REALLY pissed off about it. Coffee didn’t even begin to touch the exhaustion. I cried a lot. And even though I was probably not in a place to make life-altering decisions, I was certain that I did not want to leave my daughter to go back to a job that made me miserable.

So I didn’t.

Doesn’t that make it sound so simple? It wasn’t. I was scared. SO. FREAKED. OUT. But…

Fast-forward to now and I have found a life that I never imagined when I called my boss to say I wasn’t coming back.

Back then, it didn’t fully occur to me that I could build my own business.

Back then, I didn’t know I’d face soul-deep struggles over the next few years and find myself breaking down, completely lost and uncertain of how to find myself.

And I didn’t know that I would find my way through all of it, and emerge ready to help other mamas light it up in the ways I know they can.



A little more about me...

  • I have a daughter (age 5), son (2), and a very supportive husband. Holy guacamole I am filled with gratitude for how they have shaped my journey in life.
  • I fully embrace my nerdy side and am fine with admitting that curling up with a good self-help or spirituality book can meet my criteria for a great Saturday night.
  • I love making things. This might mean a little art project for my house, some homemade lip balm or a new recipe, depending on my mood.
  • I love seeing the world through the eyes of my kids. They have given me a new perspective on everything from birds (how fascinating!) to self image (let’s all just love ourselves & do the best we can).
  • I don’t strive to be better than anyone else, but I always work hard to be better than my previous self.
  • I’m a writer. A seeker. A deep thinker. And I love to laugh at myself.

i wake up early So i have time to do this:


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