Solopreneurs: How to Write an Authentic About Page

A good "About" page does more than just explain who you are. It gives validity to your products and services, creates a connection with your audience and gives them reasons to want to work with you. 

It’s about you, of course, but it’s about you within the context of your business and audience. When people work with solopreneurs, they want to know who they will be working with. You ARE your business. And your potential clients want to feel confident in their choice.

If you want to craft an "About" page that actually helps you build your business, you have to be strategic. It is possible to write about yourself in a way that reflects your professional persona and who you are at heart.

After all, you want clients who want to work with you based on who you actually are, not who you think you should be.

This biz/personal mix can be especially challenging as a solopreneur, because your brand personality might not be far from your actual personality.  Your business story is your story. The lines can get a little blurry—but that might not be a bad thing.

Here are a few points to keep in mind as you craft an "About" page that feels like you AND helps grow your business.

Solopreneurs: How to Write an Authentic About Page

Keep the voice and tone consistent with the rest of your site.

Just because it’s about you doesn’t mean it’s a complete departure.

Share your reasons why.

Nothing will spark your fire more than talking about WHY you do what you do, and that passion will come through to your audience.

Be real.

Don’t pretend to be what you think you should be, don’t copy your role models, don’t fake it. Be honest.

Tell a story.

What stories do you have about yourself or your business journey that are relevant to your work or audience? You are more interesting than you think, so don’t overlook the little anecdotes.

Remind us how amazing you are.

This is not the place for outright bragging, but girl, don’t dull your own shine. Share the relevant education, awards and experiences that make you so freakin’ fantastic to work with.

Give us something to connect with.

Don’t write entire paragraphs about your love of green smoothies or obsession with barre class, but providing quick insights into who you are outside of work provides even more ways for people to identify with you.

Remember: it’s about you...kind of. Your audience cares who you are because they want to feel comfortable that your qualifications and personality make you the right person for the job. Use your About page to give them the confidence that they’re about to make a wonderful choice.

If you're still struggling to give your About page that zing (or just don't want to DIY it), I can help.