What is brave?

What does it mean to be brave?

Is it slaying fire-breathing dragons? Being on the front lines? Rushing into a burning building?

I think brave is so much more than that.

Brave is feeling the fear and doing it anyway-- no matter what that fear is.

Brave is going for it.

It’s having an idea and a big dream and no road map to fold up and pack in your bag.

It’s chopping off your hair or wearing bright red lipstick or going to dinner alone or starting a conversation with a stranger or finally saying what you really mean or taking time to get so still + quiet that you finally start to know yourself.

It’s admitting you were wrong or owning your responsibility or no longer carrying what’s not yours.

What feels brave? Do THAT thing. And remember that braver can be quiet and heartfelt and it can taste like freedom, even if you never charge the castle gates or go face-to-face with the villain.